Octopus Energy Fixed Domestic Tariffs

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Loyal Octopus 12M Fixed December 2023 v2

Eco 7 Electricity
  • Day unit rate:35.57 p/kWh
  • Night unit rate:15.79 p/kWh
  • Standing charge:52.41 p/day
  • Unit rate:28.61 p/kWh
  • Standing charge:52.31 p/day
  • Unit rate:6.70 p/kWh
  • Standing charge:27.47 p/day

This tariff will save a typical customer around £70 a year compared to the Ofgem Price Cap level. The fixed prices we’re able to offer change regularly based on the latest wholesale costs, which means this price may not be available next time you visit. Normally, we don’t charge exit fees. However, this tariff has a £75 early exit fee per fuel.